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Vyncs connected vehicle management system takes your cars and drivers online and into the connected world. Includes 1 Vyncs Link GPS Tracker for Car 4G LTE device, 1 year of service, 1 SIM card, 1 year of data plan on AT&T and T-Mobile network in the USA (nothing to do with your Android/iOS device's data plan). You can view your Vyncs account on any computer or device that supports Android/iOS/Web. We also support Alexa. Enjoy 30 day trial period.

why vyncs better
Why Vyncs?
  1. Vyncs Link is a fast 4G LTE device that process data every second and transfer information to your account at a rate depending upon which variant of Vyncs you get.
  2. Vyncs has no monthly fee.
  3. Worldwide coverage in 200+ countries.
  4. No battery is ever needed; safely powered by your car.
  5. Speeding alerts marked on the map along with true posted speed limits
  6. Track loved ones even when not in a car using Vyncs Groups feature.
  7. On-demand location update for loved ones’ Android/iOS devices in Vyncs groups (included).
  8. Know your car’s health problems right when the problem occurs with the OBD Tracker.
  9. Know true idling for your car since it is based on car OBD data.
  10. Vyncs detects engine on even if the car is not moving.
  11. Know the exact vehicle speed. Non-OBD car trackers provide estimated vehicle speed only.
  12. Create geo-fence zones of any shape not just simple circular zones.
  13. Know your vehicle’s recalls well before you receive the notification from manufacturers.
  14. Know where your car is when engine is off, once an hour engine off location reporting.
  15. Know which gas station is giving you better fuel economy.
  16. Keep track of your fuel fill-ups automatically (when it is supported by your car's OBD).
  17. Tiny yet powerful device - The actual size of the Vyncs device is 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.4 inches; Weight: 2.2 ounces.
  18. Unlimited trip history for as long as you have a valid subscription.
  19. Vyncs device is the least expensive but the best quality with 2000+ 5 Star Online Reviews.
  20. Lifetime device assurance.
  21. 2 Minutes easy setup using our guided setup in the Vyncs app or Click here
  22. Lifetime device assurance as per EULA.
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Choose the Vyncs that works
best for you
Vyncs Basic 4G+

Our standard 4G real-time GPS tracker product for consumers. 60 seconds GPS sample rate .

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Vyncs Premium 4G+

Vyncs Basic 4G+ along with 24/7 roadside services (available only in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico).

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Vyncs Pro 4G+

Vyncs Basic 4G+ with 20 seconds GPS sample rate and Live Map Auto Refresh (map automatically refreshing as new GPS data comes in).

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Vyncs Fleet 4G+

Our 4G real-time GPS tracker for commercial fleets that is not limited to 5 vehicles. Samples GPS data every 60 seconds. Vyncs Fleet 4G+ supports fleet dashboard, allows data download, fuel cost tracking, scalable software, custom dispatch management features on the map, and powerful infrastructure for fleets. Vyncs Fleet supports multiple sub-fleets with multiple managers and access control.

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Connected vehicle management, Geofences, and Tracking Beyond the Car
Vehicle Telematics

While driving, Vyncs 4G+ collects data every second, analyzes that, and transfers the data to your account in the cloud over 4G wireless network. GPS sampling and update rates depend on which type of Vyncs you have. Even if your car’s engine is off, Vyncs wakes up every hour to update you. Vyncs also reports real-time location and records all of the trips your vehicle has taken, including start and stop addresses. Offers real posted speed limits on map.

Be in the Know

Set up Geofences from your account for knowing when your vehicles enter and/or exit a certain area. Unlike other products, Vyncs offers a more-powerful, any-shape geofence (not just a circular fence). If your device has been plugged back into your car’s OBD-II port after being removed, get tamper alerts (the device doesn’t have a battery for safety reasons). Get alerts when they drive during curfew hours. Get notifications on your phone and through email.

Know How They’re Driving

View where your drivers’ rapid acceleration and harsh braking events occur on a map. See how often your drivers speed with our speeding histogram, which shows you how much time the driver spends in certain speed ranges. Know how much your drivers are idling. Evaluate your drivers with the Vyncs Driver Score, which Vyncs calculates from how safe each trip your driver takes over time. Get unsafe driving alerts for speeding (above a custom threshold), rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and rough cornering.

Driver Safety Alerts, Vehicle Health Monitoring, and Fuel Reports
Solve Problems Before They Get Big

Vyncs mileage tracker device collects all the vehicle trouble code data that’s only accessible through the OBD-II port, a.k.a be the first to know exactly what’s happening with your car before it becomes a big issue. See all of the details within your account. Check engine lights and emission information are reported whenever available as well. Get maintenance reminders, any recall notices issued by your car’s manufacturer, and your car’s battery health condition.

Smart Fuel, Smart Savings

Know how much fuel is left in your vehicles (supported as long as the vehicle reports this data through the OBD-II port), track the fuel cost with Vyncs Fleet, and get personalized fuel savings tips. Vyncs correlates fuel consumption with how the vehicle is being driven and reports the aspects of one's driving that is contributing towards increased fuel consumption.

Track Beyond the Car

Don’t be limited to the car! Track beyond the car with our optional and unique phone tracking feature, Vyncs Groups. Keep track of your loved ones when they’re walking, biking, or on public transit. Create private groups and add anyone you want via a custom group code-- all they need is the Android/iOS app! You may turn off the feature at any time. Even use it to find your lost or stolen phone easily.

24/7 Roadside Assistance and Smart Devices
24/7 Roadside Services

Be ready for anything with free roadside services in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico with the Vyncs Premium+ telematics device or via upgrade. The program includes 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, winching, lost key/lock-out help, fuel delivery, and more. Some restrictions are applicable.

The Vyncs Link Device and Vyncs Cables

The Vyncs Link is a tiny but very powerful device. It has a dedicated accelerometer for detecting 3-axis acceleration and braking events. Device does not need a battery. Dimension: 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.4 inches; Weight: 2.2 ounces. If you want to use an OBD-II extension cable (optional), use only the Vyncs OBD-II extension cable. You can also use our 12V power adapter cable for using Vyncs in heavy duty and non-OBD-II compliant vehicles.

Family of Smart Devices and Apps

Vyncs has a rich developer forum. It is integrated with smartwatches, your smart home assistant, Alexa, and many other third party applications. That means you have access to many awesome additional features once you are part of our Vyncs family. In case you want to create your own application, just check us out.

Vyncs Fleet 4G+ and More
Vyncs for Businesses & Fleets

Vyncs Fleet 4G+: Vyncs with many additional features for commercial fleets including:

(1) Allows unlimited number of vehicles per account. (2) Fleet dashboard. (3) Street address on trip table. (4) Downloadable data in Excel-friendly format. (5) Fuel cost tracking. (6) Creating custom maintenance tasks. (7) More scalable software and powerful infrastructure for fleets. (8) Stop time reporting on the map. (9) True idle time (vehicle not moving but engine running) reporting on the map. (10) Multiple sub-fleets with more than one managers and due access control. (11) Dispatch map, (12) Many other features...

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Get Your Vyncs: The Right One
  • Vyncs Basic 4G+: Our standard 3G real-time GPS tracker product for consumers described in this page.
  • Vyncs Premium 4G+: Vyncs Basic4G+ along with one year roadside services (available only in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico).
  • Vyncs Pro 4G+: Vyncs Basic 4G+ with 60 seconds GPS update and Live Map Auto Refresh (map automatically refreshing as new GPS data comes in).
  • Vyncs Fleet 4G+: Vehicle fleet monitoring system for commercial fleets. Supports more than five vehicles and samples data every sixty seconds. Has a fleet dashboard, data downloading, fuel cost tracking, software scalability, and custom dispatch management features on a map.
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Vyncs OBD Extension Cable & Power Adapter Cable

Vyncs OBD-II Extension Cable: Optional extension cable for connecting the Vyncs device with the OBD-II port. The only cable tested to work with Vyncs. Using any other cable is not recommended since it may not match the OBD-II pin-support requirement of the Vyncs device. Unauthorized cables that are not tested with Vyncs may also damage the device.

Vyncs 12V Power Adapter: We also offer a 12V power adapter cable for installing the Vyncs device in non-OBD-compliant light or heavy duty vehicle. Note that the 12V power adapter cable is different from the OBD-II Extension Cable shown above.

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  • Check Locations: Check where your family members are. Just use the smartphone or the web app.
  • GPS Tracking: Track every trip automatically. Vyncs records the time, mileage, max speed, unsafe driving events, idle time, and fuel cost.
  • Trip Categorization: Categorize trips for business expenses and tax deductions.
  • Zone Alerts: Get alerted when family members come and go from common destinations like school, home, or work.
  • Towing Alert: Receive real-time alerts in case your car is moved without the engine on when you are away from it.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: If your vehicle is ever stolen or unexpectedly towed away, help authorities locate it with Vyncs's vehicle tracking feature. Retrace the route the car traveled and where it was ultimately left.


  • Tax savings: Vyncs Automatically keeps track of your trips. You may benefit from tax savings in case you drive for work.
    By default Vyncs comes with 1 year of history. Vyncs Fleet also allows downloading the trip data to your computer.


  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: If your vehicle is ever stolen or unexpectedly towed away, help authorities locate it with Vyncs's vehicle tracking feature. Retrace the route the car traveled and where it was ultimately left.
  • Accessible anywhere: Control Vyncs on-the-go with our mobile applications (Android, iOS) and your own Vyncs web account.


  • Maintenance Alerts: Based on actual mileage and recommended service intervals, Vyncs connected vehicle management system triggers reminders for oil change, tire rotation, brake pads, and other maintenance needs
  • Engine Diagnostics: Vyncs keeps an eye on your car's subsystems so that you know as soon as there is trouble brewing. Vyncs reports fault codes.
  • Recall: Receive factory recall notices.
  • Low Battery Alert: Vyncs monitors your car's battery condition and reports if the battery condition deteriorates.
  • Reports: Access fuel and maintenance reports. You will get lots of actionable information for optimizing your car's fuel and maintenance cost.


  • Driving Feedback: keeping the teens at home safe is facilitated by monitoring and improving driving habits by receiving recommended tips based on their driving score. We are aware that you want to give your teens the benefit of the doubt and to trust their good judgment while they are driving.
  • Alerts: Receive real-time alerts when undesirable driving habits like excessive hard braking, fast turns, and speeding take place. Alerts can be received based on the thresholds that you set.
  • Tournaments: compare the score you get with your family and anonymously benchmark your score with the Vyncs user community. This allows you to be able to win monthly competitions.
  • Roadside Assistance: All Vyncs Premium+ registered customers receive roadside assistance with up to 3 claims each year in USA and Canada. This pertains to the vehicle registered with the Vyncs device:
    • Eligible Vehicles: Customer vehicles including automobiles, trucks and SUVs, licensed and owned by the eligible member with a weight rating up to 1 ton and used for road transportation. No off road vehicles (i.e. tractors, ATVs, etc.) are supported under this Roadside Assistance program. Services will available only for the vehicle for which the Vyncs Roadside Assistance service was originally purchased. In other words, once you purchase the plan for a vehicle, you will not be able to transfer the plan to a different vehicle. This service plan is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Plan Benefits: All roadside assistance services below provided to registered customers at a maximum benefit of $100 USD.
    • Towing Assistance: When a subscriber vehicle is disabled as a result of a covered breakdown, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest qualified service location.
    • Flat Tire Assistance: If the subscribers vehicle has an inflated spare tire, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. If the vehicle has two or more flat tires or it does not have an inflated spare, the vehicle will be towed in accordance with the towing benefit.
    • Fuel Delivery Service: If the vehicle runs out of fuel, we will provide for the delivery of fuel to the disablement site. Specific brands or octane ratings cannot be promised. (Does not cover the cost of fuel or fluids).
    • Battery Service: When a subscribers vehicle experiences battery failure, we will provide a jump-start.
    • Lost Key/Lock-out Assistance: When a subscriber loses their key or locks them in their vehicle, service will be sent to gain entry. (Does not cover costs to reproduce keys).
    • Winching: Subscribers vehicle will be winched if stuck in a ditch, mud or snow as long as it is accessible from a normally traveled roadway.
  • Towing Alert: Receive real-time alerts in case your car is moved without the engine on when you are away from it.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: If your vehicle is ever stolen or unexpectedly towed away, help authorities locate it with Vyncs's vehicle tracking feature. Retrace the route the car traveled and where it was ultimately left.