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Why Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs is the best GPS tracking connected car product in the market and here is why.

Reliable Real-Time GPS Tracking

Vyncs is a state-of-the-art real-time GPS tracker. It sends data from the Vyncs device to your account in the cloud over 4G wireless network in real-time. GPS sampling and update rates depend on which type of Vyncs you purchase. It comes with all the bell and whistles that you would expect from a great car tracking product. Trips, zone arrival/departure notifications, start/stop street addresses, live maps are some examples.

Loaded with Features

Vyncs is a full service connected car product. That means in addition to real-time GPS locator Vyncs provides tons of information about driver monitoring, vehicle performance reporting, fuel reporting, emergency roadside assistance, maintenance reminders and tons of other features. Know more click Vyncs features. ►


No Monthly Fee

Vyncs offers you all the valuable information at an unbeatable price. The best part is that it does not have any monthly fee.
The price includes 1 device, one year of service, 1 SIM card, and 1 year of data plan. If you want to renew the services in the second year then you pay the same amount again in the second year.

Most competing car GPS tracker products charge too much – huge monthly fee. If you buy a competing GPS tracking product for $19.99/month, you are paying too much. In a year, you would be paying $239.88. On top of that, these competing products also charge you for the device.
Compare our pricing with that of other products.


Market Best Seller

Vyncs is the market best seller. Check out our product on popular E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart and see for yourself.

Track beyond the car: Vyncs Exclusive Feature

Track loved ones with Vyncs mobile app even when they are not in the car. On-demand location updates. Indoor & outdoor tracking. Group location sharing.

Yes, You can Monitor Fleets Too

Get Vyncs Fleet 4G+ if you want to monitor commercial fleets. Vyncs Fleet+ allows monitoring more than 5 vehicles in the account and offers loads of features that are designed for fleet monitoring.

Independent Reviews and Case Studies

Check out what our users are saying. Here is the link to the Vyncs reviews on the Verified Reviews website. Amazon Vyncs page has 700+ reviews. Here are some case studies

Award Winning Product

Vyncs is powered by Agnik's connected car technology developed over a decade that powers many products in the market. Vyncs received many awards such as 2016 Fleet Logistics Tech Outlook Top-10 Fleet Management Solution Provider for smartphone-based telematics product, CIO Review 2015 20 Most Promising Automotive Technology Solution Providers, and 2010 Frost & Sullivan North American Enabling Technology of the Year Award in Commercial Vehicle Telematics.

Vyncs Products

Vyncs is available for both consumer household applications and commercial fleets. Vyncs Basic 4G+, Premium 4G+, and Pro 4G+ are the models you should consider if your needs belong to the former category. If you want to monitor a commercial fleet then consider Vyncs Fleet 4G+.

Vyncs Basic 4G+

Provides real-time GPS tracking with 60 seconds GPS samples (updated together in your account every 180 seconds), driver safety alerts, and vehicle health diagnostics information.

Vyncs Premium 4G+

Vyncs Premium 4G+ includes all the standard features in addition to one year of free roadside services in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Vyncs Pro 4G+

Vyncs Pro 4G+ has the standard features. Additionally, it comes with an upgraded 60 second GPS update providing mechanism and Live Map Auto Refresh.

Vyncs Fleet 4G+

Vyncs Flee 4G+ uses the same technology as Vyncs. However, additional features are provided that can help function with more than five vehicles, so it works especially well for the commercial purposes.

vyncs obd2 gps device_vyncs  gps tracker

Each & every Vyncs product can be upgraded. For upgrading your Vyncs device, visit Vyncs Upgrades

Vyncs Features

Real-time tracking

With real-time 4G GPS tracking, you’ll get to know the location of your vehicle. Keep a log of all your driving trips, track your new teen drivers, and even find the location of your car if it’s stolen with stolen vehicle recovery. Tracking also includes customizable zone arrival and departure notifications.

real-time gps tracking_vyncs  gps tracker

vehicle maintenance alerts_vyncs  gps tracker

Vehicle Maintenance

The device lets you know the health of your car. So, if there’s any fault inside the car, it will inform you immediately. The mechanism helps in checking the fault code, the interior of the engine & engine light as well. It gives a detailed summary of battery health status notifications, vehicle emission score and does much more than any other vehicle health checking device would do.

Fuel savings tips

The device keeps a check on the fuel level & suggests the best way to save fuel. With built-in fuel level reporting, fuel savings tips, fuel purchase and cost tracking mechanisms, it helps you save money.

fuel savings tips & alerts_vyncs  gps tracker

vyncs 24/7 roadside assistance_vyncs  gps tracker

Roadside assistance.

One of the best features of this device is Roadside assistance. This is one of the best features of the device that helps in providing every kind of assistance to the drivers.

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Vyncs Reviews & Case Studies

Vyncs is Awesome for Loved Ones

vyncs customer reviews_vyncs  gps tracker vyncs reviews_vyncs  gps tracker

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Fleet Owners Love VyncsFleet

 vyncs client case study_vyncs  gps tracker

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vyncs gps car tracker


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